What is Cashless Beyond Network?

What is Cashless Beyond Network?

You Choose. We Serve.

At Royal Sundaram, we introduce “Cashless Beyond Network," a revolutionary health insurance claim facility prioritizing your convenience.


Worried if your preferred hospital is in our network or not? Fret not!


Your health is a top priority and we commit to provide you with a solution that adapts to your specific needs. We redefine health insurance for you, with provision like never before. We empower you to select the hospital that best suits your needs, whether it's at a stone's throw from your home or a renowned specialized facility that you trust. What more? You may now avail cashless treatment even if your preferred hospital is not part of our network! This cashless health claim beyond network service is available Pan-India, ensuring you're covered, whether you're in your hometown or exploring another city. With all this and more, we also caution you about the excluded hospitals from our network where cashless facility cannot be availed.

Reasons to Opt for Cashless Beyond Network

Reasons to Opt for Cashless Beyond Network

  • No Upfront Payments: You may opt for Cashless Beyond Network facility without worrying about paying upfront amount to the hospitals, relieving you from the initial financial stress.

  • Simplified Process: Say goodbye to complicated paperwork and reimbursement hassles with Cashless Beyond Network. We intend that you focus on recovery.

  • Family Focus: With Cashless Beyond Network, concentrate on your family's well-being, not insurance details.


How does Cashless Beyond Network work?



  • Notification Process: If opting for treatment at a non-network hospital, kindly inform us at least 72 hours before admission.

  • Notification Channel: Click here for Notification.

  • Exclusion Check: Before finalizing your choice you may ensure the selected hospital is not on our excluded list. This comprehensive list is readily available on our website at Click here to download Excluded Hospitals List , thus, promoting transparency in your decision-making process.

  • What Next? We in turn approach your preferred hospital to facilitate cashless approval subject to the acceptance by the Hospital.

  • Admissibility: Cashless Approval of the claim is subject to terms & conditions, exclusions of your policy.


Non- acceptance of the cashless claim under Cashless Beyond Network may not be considered as denial of the claim. You may submit the claim documents to us for processing the same on reimbursement basis.