Product List
S.No Name of Product UIN NO
1 Accident Shield IRDA/NL-HLT/RSAI/P-P/V.I/192/13-14
2 Accident Shield Classic IRDA/NL-HLT/RSAI/P-H/V.I/214/13-14
3 Critical Illness Lumpsum IRDA/NL-HLT/RSAI/P-H(C)/V.I/191/13-14
4 Hospital Benefit Plus Insurance IRDA/NL-HLT/RSAI/P-H/V.I/57/13-14
5 Hospital Cash Insurance IRDA/NL-HLT/RSAI/P-H/V.I/182/13-14
6 Hospital Cash Plan for Standard Chartered Bank Customers IRDA/NL-HLT/RSAI/P-H/V.I/177/13-14
7 Hospital Plus IRDA/NL-HLT/RSAI/P-H/V.I/212/13-14
8 Income Protector Plus Policy/td> IRDA/NL-HLT/RSAI/P-H/V.I/183/13-14
9 Individual Personal Accident Policy (Accidental Death & Disablement Only) IRDA/NL-HLT/RSAI/P-H/V.I/215/13-14
10 Lifeline RSAHLIP21054V022021
11 Master Product (base) RSAHLIP21431V022021
12 Master Product - Ace Health Advantage RSAHLIP21436V022021
13 Master Product - Amsure Master Health Plan RSAHLIP21434V022021
14 Master Product - Total Health Advantage RSAHLIP21433V022021
15 Master Product - Total Health Plus RSAHLIP21435V022021
16 Personal Accident Care Gold Insurance IRDA/NL-HLT/RSAI/P-P/V.I/188/13-14
17 Personal Accident Care Platinum Insurance IRDA/NL-HLT/RSAI/P-P/V.I/187/13-14
18 Secure All RSAHLIP21437V022021
19 Smart cash Plan IRDAI/HLT/RSAI/P-H/V.II/181/14-15
20 Surgical Shield Insurance Policy IRDA/NL-HLT/RSAI/P-H/V.I/186/13-14
21 Surgicare IRDA/NL-HLT/RSAI/P-H/V.I/194/13-14
22 Top Up Insurance – Health XS and Super Health XS Policy RSAHLIP21432V022021
23 Travel Shield - Single Trip IRDA/NL-HLT/RSAI/P-H/V.I/216/13-14
24 Travel Shield Plus - Corporate Frequent Traveller IRDA/NL-HLT/RSAI/P-H/V.I/272/13-14
25 Family Plus RSAHLIP21403V022021
26 Travel Secure RSATIOP18116V011718
27 Suraksha Kawach RSAHLGP19010V011819
28 Citi PA Plus Insurance Policy IRDA/NL-HLT/RSAI/P-P/V.I/53/13-14
29 Group Personal Accident Policy(APA 002) IRDA/NL-HLT/RSAI/P-P/V.I/180/13-14
30 Suraksha Personal Accident Insurance IRDA/NL-HLT/RSAI/P-P/V.I/54/13-14
31 Arogya Sanjeevani Policy,Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Limited RSAHLIP20177V011920
32 Covid Secure RSAHLIP21048V012021
33 Group Arogya Sanjeevani Policy,Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Limited RSAHLGP21542V012021
34 Group Covid Secure RSAHLGP21250V012021
35 Corona Kavach Policy RSAHLIP21094V012021
36 Group Health Policy RSAHLGP21439V022021