Your Development

Your Development

Today, learning is more vital than ever


Our priority is to develop and retain, because talented people give us our competitive edge. That's why we like to take a rigorous approach to identifying, nurturing and retaining a highly skilled, collaborative and agile workforce capable of creative thinking and exceptional performance.

At Royal Sundaram, employees are empowered with the tools they need to learn, develop and grow as individuals; your development is inextricably linked to our organization performance as a whole, so we invest heavily in this area. Having said that, we pride ourselves in enabling our people to get the most out of their work, which enables them to stay and build long-term careers with us. We provide cutting edge Learning &Development Interventions in the Technical areas with the help of our virtual Technical Academy and LMS program. Wherever you are in your career, our Global Capability Framework and online Learning Zone can help you take real ownership of your ongoing development.

The Capability Framework provides you with clear role profiles and will help you to better understand your strengths as well as your development areas for future roles.

Our annual investment in training adds up to around 40 hours of formal training per employee per year. Not surprisingly, the opportunities to learn are everywhere. 

Learning Zone is your one stop shop to thousands of useful resources to help take your career at Royal Sundaram to the next level. A simple click of the mouse, for instance, gives you access to a wide range of courses and learning tools that contains a mixture of high quality learning solutions and exercises that can be tailored to your specific development areas. 

A feature of life at Royal Sundaram offers a chance to swap ideas and experiences with your colleagues from around the business during Informal lunch meetings in addition to classroom training where you learn something new every day.


Communication & Feedback


In an organisation as big as ours, clear communication is vital. So if something happens at work, such as a change in personnel policy or in business direction, we make sure you know about it straightaway through our intranet (internal information repository) that is the daily Company newspaper. As well as keeping you informed, we also go to great lengths to make sure you can have your say. 

Our Global Engagement Survey is an annual chance for you to tell us how you feel about everything from Company to Rewards and general Job Satisfaction.

While our survey is important, what matters most is the feeling you get when you work here. There's a buzz at Royal Sundaram, a pride in our achievements and an excitement about where the company is going. We hope that you'll love working here as much as we do.