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Section I - Building - Claims Procedure

In the event of an incident that may give rise to a claim under this Policy, You must notify the Company immediately over phone or email us at customer.services@royalsundaram.in or provide written intimation and shall within 14 days thereafter furnish to the Company detailed particulars of the amount of the loss or damage together with such explanation and evidence to substantiate the claim as the Company may reasonably require.


Lodge a complaint with the Police forthwith in the event of theft and Burglary and take all practicable steps to apprehend the guilty person or persons and to recover the property lost.


You shall also at all times at your own expense produce, procure and give to the Company all such further particulars, plans, specification books, vouchers, invoices, duplicates or copies thereof, documents, proofs and information with respect to the claim and the origin and cause of the loss and the circumstances under which the loss or damage occurred, and any matter touching the liability or the amount of the liability of the Company as may be reasonably required by or on behalf of the Company together with a declaration on oath or in other legal form of the truth of the claim and of any matters connected therewith.


Wherever necessary, the Company will appoint Surveyors/Investigators. The Company shall be entitled on your behalf to have absolute conduct and control of all or any proceedings it may consider necessary for the purpose of tracing and recovering the property lost, or of securing reimbursement in respect of the items lost and You shall at the Company’s expense furnish all such assistance as may reasonably be required by the company in connection with such proceedings.

The documents required to substantiate a claim are given below coverage wise:


Fire claim


  • Duly completed Claim form
  • First Information Report
  • Paper cuttings or media reporting of the incident
  • Fire Brigade Report (in case of Loss, destruction or damage by Fire)
  • Meteorological report (in case of Loss, destruction or damage by Flood, Storm, Cyclone)
  • Title deed establishing the ownership of the property (for Building cover)
  • Layout plan of the building / affected area (for Building cover)
  • Details of firefighting arrangements
  • Estimate for Repairs/ Replacement together with basis of arrival of the same
  • Invoice/Bills/ Receipts
  • Photographs


Flood and Inundation claims


  • Claim form duly filled
  • Report from the meteorological department
  • Paper cutting or media report stating the incident
  • Layout plan of the building / affected area
  • Basis of arriving at the loss estimate
  • Engineers' quotation for repair/construction
  • Repair bills / Purchase bills


Rent for alternate accommodation


  • Claim form duly filled
  • Proof of occupancy at the alternate accommodation indicating duration of such accommodation
  • Proof of rent paid for temporary accommodation


Loss of rent


  • Claim form duly filled
  • Rental agreement signed with the tenant
  • Statement from tenant confirming non-payment of rent due to uninhabitable state of the premises


Burglary claim


  • Duly completed Claim form
  • Statement of loss confirming the items stolen
  • First Information Report filed with Police showing item identifications like description of items, date of incident and estimate of loss
  • Loss estimate and Basis of arriving at the loss estimate
  • Invoice/Bills in original
  • Final Police Report
  • Non-traceable Certificate issued by Police authorities
  • Newspaper cutting if any reporting the incident
  • Letter of indemnity


Other documents (applicable for all claims)


  • KYC documents (address proof and ID proof for all claims exceeding INR 1,00,000
  • Cancelled cheque leaf of SB account in the policy holder’s name for effecting NEFT settlement
  • Any other documents as required by the Insurer depending on the nature and type of the claim preferred


The Claim documents should be sent to:


Accident & Health Claims Department
M/s.Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Ltd.,
Vishranthi Melaram Towers,
No.2/319, Rajiv Gandhi Salai (OMR),
Karapakkam, Chennai 600 097.
Tel.No:044-7117 7117.


Claim documents may be submitted to local Royal Sundaram Offices address of which can be obtained by calling our Toll Number 1860 258 0000, 1860 425 0000 or logging into our website www.royalsundaram.in or e-mailing us at customer.services@royalsundaram.in.


Payment of Claims


Benefits payable under this policy will be paid within 30 days of the receipt of last necessary document.


The Company shall be liable to pay any interest at 2% above the bank rate prevalent at the beginning of the financial year in which the claim is reviewed, for sums paid or payable under this Policy, upon acceptance of an offer of settlement by the insured but there is delay in payment beyond 7 days from the date of acceptance. At the time of claim settlement, Company may insist on KYC documents of the Proposer as per the relevant AML guidelines in force.

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