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Employee Health Insurance


Health Premium Platinum is a comprehensive health insurance package, designed for the employees of your company and their family members.

It covers your employees and their family members from hospital and medical expenditure that accompany an illness or accident. Family members include spouse and two dependent children.

In addition, Health Premium Platinum brings you special benefits, including :

Cashless Facility

  • With the Health Card, members get access to the cashless facility available at the Medicare network of hospitals. The insured can walk into any of the 2200 hospitals in 166 cities across the country and get treated for his ailments without having to pay for his medical bills. If he does not get admitted to a networked hospital, the expenses will be reimbursed within 15 days of receipt of all relevant documents
  • Access to 24-hour help lines and free ambulance referral facilities.
  • Cover for outpatient treatment in certain cases
  • Online access to the medical history of the employee and his family members and information on hospitals, illnesses and medicines


Hospital Cash

A fixed amount given for each day of hospitalisation.

Convalescence Benefit

 A fixed amount given if the period of hospitalisation exceeds 21 days.

Important Exclusions

  • Diseases contracted during the first 30 days of commencement of the policy
  • All diseases/illnesses/injury existing at the time of proposing the - insurance
  • Certain diseases like hernia, cataract, piles, sinusitis etc are excluded during the first year of operation of insurance cover
  • Any claim arising out of or traceable to pregnancy
  • Ayurvedic, Homoeopathy, Naturopathy or any other form of local medication
  • Alcoholism, drug abuse and AIDS
  • Dental treatment or surgery, unless requiring hospitalisation  Cost of spectacles,
  • contact lenses and hearing aids. (For detailed exclusions, please refer the terms and conditions of the policy)


Other Extra Benefits


The following benefits are offered on payment of additional premium based on claim track record and age profile of the Company :

  • Inclusion of maternity benefits
  • Waiver of 30 day waiting period
  • Waiver of first year exclusions



1. Hospitalisation cover

 Employees are covered for all in-patient hospitalisation expenses in case of accidents/illness covered under the policy up to the amount of the sum insured that you choose. The stay in the hospital should be for more than 48 hours.

2. Pre and post hospitalisation expenses

 All relevant medical expenses incurred 30 days prior to hospitalisation and expenses incurred during 60 days after hospitalisation are considered part of the claim.

3. Out-patient care

 In certain cases such as kidney stone removal, tonsillectomy, eye surgery and D & C, outpatient treatment expenses are also covered.