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Business Insurance


Business Insurance Services

Protect your Business and Employees from a wide range of risks with our Business Insurance Solutions. We offer two types of Business Insurance Solutions: Business Solutions and Employee Solutions.

We offer extensive Business Insurance Solutions like Marine Insurance, Office Insurance, Engineering Insurance, Industrial Insurance, and Insurance for Educational Institutions aimed to protect your business against loss due to theft, fire, any sudden unforeseen accidental damage. We also complement our wide coverage with advices on Risk Management and Loss Preventions.

Employee Solutions

We also offer Employee Insurance Solutions like Group Health Insurance, Group Accident Insurance and Workmen's Compensation. All these Insurance solutions are aimed at providing your employees with Health Cover and protect them against the risk of sudden accidents.Know More>>  


Rural/Social Insurance

We also provide Insurance Solutions targeted at the rural/social segment. We offer solutions specific to the rural class which is aimed at protecting their health and livelihood.
1. Rural Sector

We offer specific solutions aimed at farmers, small scale industries, village industries, small traders, and enterprises established in rural areas.Know More>>
2. Social Sector

We offer exclusive solutions for women belonging to SHGs. These products are designed to provide health insurance to women and their family members at an affordable cost.Know More>>

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